The walk

Find out here what to expect from The Luminous Nights of Enghien Park.

Some highlights from last year

Did you know that Enghien is shaped like a butterfly on the map? Last year, our butterfly took you on a magical adventure through the park. In the evening, when night fell, all the animals came to life.

A completely new experience

This year we will take you on a journey through the history of the park. Return to the 17th century and step inside the dream of architect Anton van Arenberg, meet fantastic creatures and see how the park magically takes shape. Admire the end result of d'Arenberg's dream, which at the time was considered one of the most beautiful parks in Europe.

Impressive projections

During The Luminous Nights you will discover the story through more than 10 projections on the buildings, pavilions, trees and structures in the park. The trees come to life and on the buildings you will discover magical adventures.

Beautiful light installations

In addition to the many projections, the entire park is attractively lit. Together with dreamy music, this ensures that you are completely immersed in the experience.

The walk

The walk of about 2 kilometers starts at the main entrance of the park. We will guide you through the park, which in the 17th century was considered one of the most beautiful parks in Europe.


The organization of The Luminous Nights attaches great importance to sustainability. Only the most economical projection technology and LED lighting is used. By reducing energy consumption in this way, the festival is completely diesel-free.